The Best Accessories For Your Holiday Look

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The holidays require your presence at many different parties and not everyone has the time or the patience to go find a new dress for each occasion. Whether you are heading to the office holiday party or your best friends, throw on your favorite Little Black Dress and jazz it up for the perfect holiday look, here’s how:

Add glitter, gold and feathers: This holiday season have fun with your look by adding some pizazz. Colors like gold, metallic and rose gold are really hot right now. Be bold and try an emerald green or ruby red to stand out. Anything that shines and sparkles is a must. This look never gets old and is always a crowd pleaser. Feathers are popular and add the perfect amount of romance and style to your outfit. To dress up your little black dress, add some glitter, color and feathers in items like:

·    Clutches: There are many different clutches around the holidays that are perfect for your LBD. Make your clutch an eye catcher and complimentary. A large envelope clutch is sexy and practical.

·    Heels and tights: There is no such thing as too much glitter, especially when it comes to high heels. Also look at heels with a stud like adornments for an edgier look. To keep your legs warm while you are out on the town, consider getting tights. A sexy look is a lace inspired tight.

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·    Statement jewelry: Your statement piece is the most important accessory, especially when paired with your little black dress. Your statement piece needs to be bigger, bolder and brighter than anything else on your body. Bauble necklaces are perfect for that right now. You can find many different styles and colors.

Your little black dress is perfect for your list of holiday parties. Change each party up with a different look, either gold and glitter or metallic and feathered, choose what suits you best. Have a safe and fun holiday season!

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Plus Size Fashions For The Holidays

Katie Holmes wearing Gucci Fall Winter 2011 500x650 Plus Size Fashions For The HolidaysKatie Holmes wearing Gucci Fall Winter Holiday Gowns

It’s that time of year again! The lights are going up, Christmas music is starting to play in shopping malls and you are pulling out your favorite sweaters. Here is a quick guide on what to wear during the holidays:

Thanksgiving: Comfort and class is the best look for your Thanksgiving gatherings. Try a pair of stretchy skinny jeans with a nice pair of riding boots, a comfy dark hued top or sweater and a fun scarf. Deep reds, teals, mustards and browns are trendy and perfect for your family meal. You know you spend most of your time sitting around a table and enjoying the food and banter, so get comfy and feel confident.

Christmas: Whether you are going to the company Christmas party or your favorite aunt’s gift exchange think shimmery and cozy! If you company Christmas party is held out of office or after office hours, you can expect to dress it up a bit. Try a black pencil skirt, dark tights, booties or heels with a shimmery cream colored tank and black jacket or cardigan. If you are heading over to see family lose the pencil skirt and add a pair of leggings. If you choose a light colored top, lipstick should be light, if you go bolder, follow suit.

Plus Size Holiday Ideas 500x371 Plus Size Fashions For The Holidays

Diana Gold Sequin Dress Monif C, Celina Lorenz Plus Size Model From Raysay77 on Photobucket

New Year’s: Feathers, fringe, shine and two toned.  It’s no secret New Years has always been the one holiday that you can really glam it up and sparkles are expected. Color combo’s are in this New Year’s, gold/silver, peach/cream, cream/white so go two toned to keep up with the trend. There are plenty of dresses that have all the above, including for the bold-feathers. Don’t forget the smokey eye and red lips!

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Plus Size Holiday Ideas1 500x371 Plus Size Fashions For The HolidaysPlus Size Holiday Ideas2 500x371 Plus Size Fashions For The HolidaysQueen Latifah In George Chakra Creation Plus Size Fashions For The HolidaysPlus Size Holiday Ideas3 500x371 Plus Size Fashions For The HolidaysPlus Size Holiday Ideas5 500x371 Plus Size Fashions For The HolidaysPlus Size Holiday Ideas6 500x371 Plus Size Fashions For The HolidaysPlus Size Holiday Ideas7 500x371 Plus Size Fashions For The Holidays

Find Your Hat Style

Stunning Fall Hats Find Your Hat Style

As we enter the rainy, drizzly season of fall and winter, hats become more important than just a fashion statement. However, no one ever said a practical hat couldn’t be stylish too. Here are some hat styles that are fashionable this season. Depending on your facial shape, some may work better for you than others, but you are sure to find a hat you’ll fall in love with!

1.    Fedora – This classic hat style dresses up any outfit. From a classic suit to jeans and a spangled off the shoulder shirt, a fedora is a great hat for going out in style.

2.    Cloche – Close to the head but with a little brim, the cloche hat is classic and retro. With a great 1920’s vibe and a practical shape, this hat style is great for all sorts of occasions.

3.   Beret – The beret is much more than a French hat. While some are furry and others are sleeker, the style is flexible enough to fit a wide variety of face shapes. Wear it to the side for fashion or straight on for warmth. Whichever the case may be, this hat style is perfect for many needs.

4.    Beanie – Worn tight and pulled down, this skater inspired fashion is usually more casual. Great to keep your head warm, beanies can also be dressed up in a variety of ways. A perfect hat choice for activities and crisp fall days.

5.Slouch – Like a beanie but looser, this hat style doesn’t squash your hairstyle as much but still gives you the warmth you need. They are supposed to look a little big, and that means that they are super comfortable to wear.

6.    Fur–A fur hat is the top of the line when it comes to keeping warm in winter and fall. A nice fur hat will last you many years and they never seen to go out of style. They come in a variety of shapes and colors to suit any face or outfit.

7.    Jockey –This cute hat style comes with a small bill that gives it a formal edge over baseball caps. Very feminine and alluring, the jockey cap is a great hat style for casual daily wear or even a night out!

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Fall Felt hats Find Your Hat Style Fall Felt Hats - Perfect For In Between Fall and Winter

Ralph Lauren Winter Hats 500x709 Find Your Hat Style

Plus Size Designer Fall Colors

ELENA MIRO FALL 2012 500x738 Plus Size Designer Fall ColorsElena Miro Fall 2012

Check out the Elena Miro - Milan Spring 2012 Line Here

Almost everyone wants to look good and fashionable. This is the main reason why most people tend to be late for their appointments; they spend too much time choosing the best kind of clothes, accessories, and hairstyle. But remember this, even though how good is the brand of your clothes or dress. You will not look your best if it is not worn with flattering colors. By choosing the right kind of fashionable colors, you will look your best, as this will make your eyes sparkle, skin glow, and make you attractive. This involves in choosing the right kind of fashionable color from top to bottom.

First is your hair color. A blonde hair is great in warm and light shades. Yellow, orange, and tan is the best color for blondes. Brunette can wear a wide range of colors, from green, blue, orange and chocolate. Redheads will look great with browns and oranges. Those people with gray hair usually look good in bright colors. Next step is to test your underlying skin color. Determining this is very important as your skin color plays a very important role in determining what colors suits you. In determining your skin color, pinch the skin on your earlobe, on the back of your hand or on the tip of your finger. The color you will see in the next few seconds is your true skin color. If you see blue or reddish tones, you will look your best in cool colors. If you see golden or warm red tones, warm colors will be your best friend. In choosing the colors, stand in front of a big mirror with the clothes you want to try on. Make sure the room is well lit. Choose the colors that make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow. Forget the ones that make you look dull, pale, or unhealthy.

If you cannot find the best colors that will make you look fashionable or if you have a low sense of fashion, seek professional advice. Stylists are always available to give you tips and tricks how to look fashionable. They will instruct you what colors will make you attractive and will give you a list of colors that you can bring with you when you shop for clothes. Wear clothes that will give you a consistent look. Choose colors that go well with the shade of your hair. It will make you taller and slimmer. Never wear too many kinds of color, this will make you unattractive to the eyes of others. Blondes should wear clothes with yellow or creamy colors. Brunettes should choose brownish clothes and redheads will look best with orange or rusty colors.

Now you know how to choose the best colors that will make you fashionably correct and attractive. Identify which type of hair color and skin color you belong to and find the best colors that will make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow! Go shop with your friends and share with them how to look their best.

Melissa Drake is pursuing her career as a fashion designing student. She has a dream to become one of the famous designers. She frequently visits Lyst to follow Louis Vuitton on Lyst.

ELENA MIRO FALL 20125 500x420 Plus Size Designer Fall Colors
ELENA MIRO 2 500x409 Plus Size Designer Fall Colors
ELENA MIRO FALL 20121 500x420 Plus Size Designer Fall Colors

6 Summer Trends to Take Into Fall

Plus Size 2012 Designer Plus Looks 500x519 6 Summer Trends to Take Into Fall

Fashion week has come and gone and the style gods have spoken! Nothing can be more annoying than realizing that majority of your summer wardrobe will have to go back in to hiding. Not this year, here are 6 summer trends that you rocked that will shine this fall:

Bold skinny jeans: Don’t pack those fun colored skinny jeans just yet! Good news, this fall the runways are swarming with bold hue colored skinnys. Instead of wearing the coral, mints and summer colors wear your deeper colors like olive green, royal blue and blood red skinny jeans.

Fringe: Fringe was found on clutches, shoes and bathing suits this summer and guess what fringe is cool enough for the fall as well. Any dark leather items with fringe can stay on your arm all this fall.

Color block: Color block isn’t leaving just yet. Your color block shoes, nail polish and skirts can stay where they are. Transition the color block look with neutrals like gray and taupe leggings.

Lace: It’s classy and sexy at the same time. Lace was a great look in dresses this summer and fall welcomes the lace look with open arms. Black lace dresses, skirts and blouses are a must in every closet. Don’t overdue the lace though, lace dress: plain black heels, lace skirt: solid blouse, lace blouse: solid pant/skirt.

Bright lips: There is something about a confident woman who knows how to wear the right shade of lipstick. Lipstick is no longer for your mother but a beautiful look that anyone can pull off. Skip the pinks and magentas from the summer and go red and sexy. Watch how many compliments you get.

Braids: We can thank Katniss from Hunger Games for this one, but braided hair is still going strong for the fall. A low side fishtail braid is eye-catching and easier to do than one thinks. Want a less summery look with your braid, try an up do with a sock bun and braid as a head band. Great fall look for any hair type!

Keep these 6 same looks but customize it to match the fall hues, go deeper and darker and never overdue it. You will be happy to spend less on your fall wardrobe this year and excited that your favorite fringe clutch and olive green skinnies are in!

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Canadian Plus Size Retailer Addition Elle Fall 2012 500x762 6 Summer Trends to Take Into FallCanadian Plus Size Retailer - Addition Elle Fall 2012

Canadian Plus Size Retailer Addition Elle Fall 20121 500x497 6 Summer Trends to Take Into Fall

Canadian Plus Size Retailer - Addition Elle Fall 2012

Addition Elle 500x527 6 Summer Trends to Take Into Fall

Canadian Plus Size Retailer - Addition Elle Fall 2012

9 Shoe Trends That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2012

Ralph Lauren1 500x628 9 Shoe Trends That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2012

Shoes are a woman’s best friends because, unlike diamonds, they are both a necessity and a luxury. Many women shop for shoes before they shop for their clothes because wrong footwear can be a big negative point on your fashion quotient. This 2012, shoes have gone crazier and a lot of experimentation is on the cards. These are the latest shoe trends you must not miss -

1. Metallic Toes

Previously metallic toes used to be the favorite method for shoe production by manufacturers owing to their durability. 2012’s fall collection sees designers glamourizing this concept and making it one of the most sought after designs of the season.

2. Pointed Toes

Gone are the days when rounded toe shoes were the trendsetters. This year’s fall collection saw the emergence of pointed toes and became an instant favorite with models, celebrities and fashion critiques. Shoes alone will patronize pointed toes. Expect your pumps and booties to sport the rounded toe for the time being.

3. Braided Sandals

Unusual means of braiding sandals and adding unconventional bright colors to the braids have set the shoe fashion for fall 2012. These shoes look incredibly hot with the right dress and will surely become your footwear of choice this season.

Guess Heels 9 Shoe Trends That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2012

-GUESS Korrinez High-Heel Sandals by GUESS

Guess Shoes 500x572 9 Shoe Trends That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2012

- Guess Shoes Baltrow - Light Natural LL

-G by Guess Minkx - Brown Multi LL

-Guess Women's Amity Platform Sandal

-GUESS Korrinez High-Heel Sandals

-G by Guess Trinnie Boot - Dark Brown LL

-Guess Shoes Alade - Black Leather

-Guess Shoes Gamira - Black Multi Suede

- Guess Shoes Rider - Brown Multi Leather

-Guess Shoes Kringa - Blue Multi Fabric

-Guess Shoes Pozina - Med Brown Leather

-GUESS Women's Argue Wedge

-Marciano Barlow - Nat Multi Lea
 4. Super Mega Platforms

The fan following for this type of shoes is limited but it doesn’t mean they are not popular. These shoes will look hot on you considering you are comfortable carrying them off, wear the right dresses with it and sport the perfect attitude. Given these, super mega platforms must be your footwear of choice during fall 2012.

5. Transparent Shoes

Shoes made of just vinyl have been doing the rounds of fashion shows for a few years now but no one took them seriously. Thanks to the number of designers who turned up with vinyl transparent shoes, these have become the trendsetters when it comes to footwear in fall 2012.

6. Shiny Shoes

Either choose silver or golden cultured shoes, or choose any other shiny colored shoe for the fall 2012 season. Rest assured you will not go wrong with this choice. Shiny clothes have made a comeback with a bang this season and the right pair of shiny shoes will only compliment them!

7. Rivets

High-heeled pumps or biker boots, whatever be the style of shoes you prefer wearing, you will not go wrong when you choose rivets during fall 2012. Depending on your choice you can buy small and seemingly invisible rivets or large and prominent ones that will attract a lot of attention.

8. Lace Shoes

Lace remains to be the favorite when it comes to adorning sandals and shoes in fall 2012. On the other hand, boots have seen a downfall when it comes to sporting laces. You can still choose one considering you can carry them off properly.

9. Pastel Colors

Pastel colors have been the emerging favorite for dresses during this season and the footwear is following suit. This fall 2012 you can never go wrong when you buy your favorite sandals or boots in pastel colors.

Getting the right pair of shoes is secret of staying fashion conscious and trendy in 2012. Don’t miss out on these trends this fall 2012.

Christine Rafay is a fashion expert and a party lover. She recently ordered for party supplies for Mardi Gras from recommends it to everyone.

Celebrity Fashion Trend – Body Confidence

Christina Hendricks 500x655 Celebrity Fashion Trend   Body Confidence

It is not big surprise when a celebrity is under scrutiny and criticism from the public; as unfortunate as it is, it’s the norm for them. But what has been brought to my attention recently is whole Kate Upton is ‘fat’ debate. This has caused in uproar in the blogosphere and has many woman and men screaming, ‘Are you serious?!’ Kate Upton is not fat.

A blogger for the terribly written,pro-skinnysite called ‘Skinny Gossip’ compared Upton to a cow by calling her ‘well-marbled’ and that her ‘lumbering’ down the cat walk like there’s a ‘buffet’ at the end of it. Like a pro Kate Upton’s team responded with ‘this is absurd’ and moved on.It is absurd, she is beautiful. End of story. What Upton has that every celebrity and female should wear daily, is confidence. No matter what size they are.

Normal Women Normal Sizes 500x988 Celebrity Fashion Trend   Body Confidence

Take for example other celebrities that have been criticized and are considered ‘fat’ at one time or another. The following women are average and tend to be more voluptuous up top and on the bottom than most stick-thin celebrities. What’s your vote, fat?

· Kelly Clarkson
· Jessica Simpson
· Jennifer Love Hewitt
· Marilyn Monroe
· Mariska Hargitay
· Adele
· Christina Hendricks
· Jennifer Lawrence
· Lady GaGa
· Christina Aguilera
· Ashley Judd
· Hilary Duff
· Tyra Banks

What I think the media and public forget is that on screen, stars are larger than life and are typically standing next to very thin women. If you were standing next to you on the street, they would most likely be smaller than the average woman which is a size 14. Rumor has it that one of the world’s most famous bombshells; Marilyn Monroe was a size 14. Women like Christina Hendricks and MariskaHargitay are always stunning in everything they wear but I think it’s the way they carry themselves that really stands out. They have curves and they flaunt it with confidence, why shouldn’t they? Whether she is a size 0 or size 16, a woman confident in her own skin is priceless and the most stylish trend one can participate in.

Enough of the weight hate on celebrities and real women and flaunt what your mama gave ya! Whether your hip bones stick out or you have strong thighs, the only way to pull of your look is if you are confident and knowing that you are beautiful just the way you are.

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Must Have Summer Styles for Plus Size Women

Alfani Plus Size Three Quarter Sleeve Polka Dot Must Have Summer Styles for Plus Size Women

With summer nearly here, it’s time to give warm weather fashions a tune up. It’s easy with this year’s styles that allow plenty of latitude for expressing unique style. Wear these fashions at work, happy hour or a night out. There are even plenty of chic looks to be worn while running errands on the weekend. With so many fun summer trends, no lady ever needs to feel like she’s got nothing to wear.

Polka Dots and Lace

Fashionable prints come and go, but some are so popular that they only fade for awhile before coming back big time. This can certainly be said for the highly fashionable polka dot. Whether dainty or bold, the polka dot is cropping up everywhere. Look for them on a sleeveless shell or even a bright hued cardigan. For an extra kick, choose a flirty skirt covered in this fun, timeless print. Shoes can be dressed up with a perky polka dot bow. This summer, apparel with a polka dot print definitely needs to be a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

(Top Picture - Alfani Plus Size Three-Quarter-Sleeve Polka-Dot Top)

Another major trend this summer is lace. It’s easy to find everywhere. Lace is popping up on skirts, blouses and dresses. Ladies who think lace tends to look old fashioned and stuffy will probably change their minds when they see the latest fashions featuring this classic material. Lace clothing has been modernized and updated to fit in with the easy to wear styles of the summer. One of the most popular lace fabrics right now is eyelet lace. It’s a bit sturdier than other styles of lace, and it doesn’t catch so easily on every piece of furniture. For a smart way to wear the eyelet trend from day into night and on weekends, check out the sleeveless eyelet shirtdress at Lands’ End.  This pretty dress looks great covered with a cardigan, and the comfortable, wear anywhere fabric is a definite asset.

Sun Dresses

Dresses have always been a go-to summer style for ladies everywhere, and this summer will be no exception. Tiered maxi dresses will continue to be enormously popular. Look for them in fun, eye-popping shades like Capri blue and berry. These dresses offer a fashionable silhouette, and an empire waist lets ladies highlight the thinnest part of their body while the skirt flows away effortlessly. Maxi dresses with wider shoulder straps keep the look balanced on top while also providing some nice support. Cover up with a cute cardigan to wear this versatile style to the office.

Alfani Plus Size Top Must Have Summer Styles for Plus Size WomenLeggings and Shorts

Capri length leggings will be everywhere this summer. Go for neutral colors like black, chocolate brown and beige to go with everything. However, it won’t hurt to take a risk as well. Why not try bright white, red or cobalt blue? Pair these attention-grabbing hues with a bold, black tank top to finish the look. Add an adorable straw bag, and any lady can be ready for a day at the beach or a night on the town.

Shorts this year are running a bit longer than in years’ past. Take advantage of the slimming properties of the walking short. These styles are fun and easy to wear. They also allow ladies to be a little more modest and stick to a style that is almost universally flattering. Solid color shorts are always a good idea, but bright colors are at home in the summer. For an extra dose of style, it makes sense to choose shorts in a madras print. This summery, timeless look has made a huge comeback in recent years, and this summer will be no exception.

Shoes Tie the Look Together

Summer sandals this year are focused on the wedge. These styles are far more comfortable to wear for hours at a time, and they cause much less damage to the feet and back. Cute wedges can be found in every color of the rainbow, making it possible to buy a pair to match every outfit. However, it might be more practical to simply go with black or brown. These shoes can go with almost anything. They are the perfect solution for tying together a summer outfit.

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