The Best Accessories For Your Holiday Look

Dress up a plain evening clutch with an over-sized crystal pin- greatshop4u99 on ebay

The holidays require your presence at many different parties and not everyone has the time or the patience to go find a new dress for each occasion. Whether you are heading to the office holiday party or your best friends, throw on your favorite Little Black Dress and jazz it up for the perfect holiday look, here’s how:

Add glitter, gold and feathers: This holiday season have fun with your look by adding some pizazz. Colors like gold, metallic and rose gold are really hot right now. Be bold and try an emerald green or ruby red to (Read more.....)

Plus Size Fashions For The Holidays

Katie Holmes wearing Gucci Fall Winter Holiday Gowns

It’s that time of year again! The lights are going up, Christmas music is starting to play in shopping malls and you are pulling out your favorite sweaters. Here is a quick guide on what to wear during the holidays:

Thanksgiving: Comfort and class is the best look for your Thanksgiving gatherings. Try a pair of stretchy skinny jeans with a nice pair of riding boots, a comfy dark hued top or sweater and a fun scarf. Deep reds, teals, mustards and browns are trendy and perfect for your family meal. You know you spend most of your time sitting around a table and enjoying the food and banter, so get comfy and feel (Read more.....)

Find Your Hat Style

As we enter the rainy, drizzly season of fall and winter, hats become more important than just a fashion statement. However, no one ever said a practical hat couldn’t be stylish too. Here are some hat styles that are fashionable this season. Depending on your facial shape, some may work better for you than others, but you are sure to find a hat you’ll fall in love with!

1.    Fedora – This classic hat style dresses up any outfit. From a classic suit to jeans and a spangled off the shoulder shirt, a fedora is a great hat for going out in style.

2.    Cloche – Close to the head but with a little brim, the cloche hat is classic and retro. With a great 1920’s vibe and a practical shape, this hat style is great for all sorts of occasions.

3.   Beret – The beret is much more than a French hat. While some are furry an (Read more.....)

Plus Size Designer Fall Colors

Elena Miro Fall 2012

Check out the Elena Miro - Milan Spring 2012 Line Here

Almost everyone wants to look good and fashionable. This is the main reason why most people tend to be late for their appointments; they spend too much time choosing the best kind of clothes, accessories, and hairstyle. But remember this, even though how good is the brand of your clothes or dress. You will not look your best if it is not worn with flattering colors. By choosing the right kind of fashionable colors, you will look your best, as this will make your eyes sparkl (Read more.....)

6 Summer Trends to Take Into Fall

Fashion week has come and gone and the style gods have spoken! Nothing can be more annoying than realizing that majority of your summer wardrobe will have to go back in to hiding. Not this year, here are 6 summer trends that you rocked that will shine this fall:

Bold skinny jeans: Don’t pack those fun colored skinny jeans just yet! Good news, this fall the runways are swarming with bold hue colored skinnys. Instead of wearing the coral, mints and summer colors wear your deeper colors like olive green, royal blue and blood red skinny jeans.

Fringe: Fringe was found on clutches, shoes and bathing suits this summer and guess what fringe is cool enough for the fall as well. Any dark leather items with fringe can stay on your arm all th (Read more.....)

9 Shoe Trends That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2012

Shoes are a woman’s best friends because, unlike diamonds, they are both a necessity and a luxury. Many women shop for shoes before they shop for their clothes because wrong footwear can be a big negative point on your fashion quotient. This 2012, shoes have gone crazier and a lot of experimentation is on the cards. These are the latest shoe trends you must not miss -

1. Metallic Toes

Previously metallic toes used to be the favorite method for shoe production by manufacturers owing to their durability. 2012’s fall collection sees designers glamourizing this concept and making it one of the most sought after designs of the season.

2. Pointed Toes

Gone are the days when rounded toe shoes were the trendsetters. This year’s fall collection saw the emergence of (Read more.....)

Celebrity Fashion Trend – Body Confidence

It is not big surprise when a celebrity is under scrutiny and criticism from the public; as unfortunate as it is, it’s the norm for them. But what has been brought to my attention recently is whole Kate Upton is ‘fat’ debate. This has caused in uproar in the blogosphere and has many woman and men screaming, ‘Are you serious?!’ Kate Upton is not fat.

A blogger for the terribly written,pro-skinnysite called ‘Skinny Gossip’ compared Upton to a cow by calling her ‘well-marbled’ and that her ‘lumbering’ down the cat walk like there’s a ‘buffet’ at the end of it. Like a pro Kate Upton’s team responded with ‘this is absurd’ and moved on.It is absurd, she is beautiful. End of story. What Upton has that every celebrity and female should wear daily, is confidence. No matter what size they (Read more.....)

Must Have Summer Styles for Plus Size Women

With summer nearly here, it’s time to give warm weather fashions a tune up. It’s easy with this year’s styles that allow plenty of latitude for expressing unique style. Wear these fashions at work, happy hour or a night out. There are even plenty of chic looks to be worn while running errands on the weekend. With so many fun summer trends, no lady ever needs to feel like she’s got nothing to wear.

Polka Dots and Lace

Fashionable prints come and go, but some are so popular that they only fade for awhile before coming back big time. This can certainly be said for the highly fashionable polka dot. Whether dainty or bold, the polka dot is cropping up everywhere. Look for them on a sleeveless shell or even a bright hued cardi (Read more.....)