Hot Plus Looks For Spring And Summer

American Model Star Plus Size  Tara Lynn

Color is hot for spring and summer, so consider getting out of the darks and into some brighter looks.  Fashion runways and plus size fashions are seeing more pops of bold colors.  Today's plus clothing designed around a real woman's body in mind, so wearing color has never been easier.  Many lines are designed with lycra, which enables women to move and be comfort, while at the same time being able to wear the form fitting fashions that are fashionable.

One way of getting the brighter looks of the spring and summer is to wear colored jeans.  Colored jeans come in all kinds of widths, ranging from wide-leg, skinny, straight (Read more.....)

Pulling off ‘Skinny’ Looks

Jessica London Maxi Plus Dresses

There are a lot of different styles out there that plus sized women think they can’t pull off. But you are wrong ladies! Believe it or not, most of these ‘skinny’ styles look better on a woman with curves. Here are 3 looks that you can pull off with the right help:

Skinny jeans

Before you roll your eyes, stop and think why you may think this is a bad look for you? Some think it draws attention to the width of your legs and/or hips and stomach. False. It’s all about pairing the skinny jeans with the right shoe and the right top. Try pairing your skinny jeans with a slender knee high boot or a dainty sandal or flat. The smal (Read more.....)

Finding Rings That Complement Your Fingers

Whether you are considering wedding bands with your beloved or you are simply looking for some fashionable rings for yourself, you'll of course want the rings that look best on you! Take a moment to consider what rings are going to flatter your fingers, and what factors you need to keep in mind. Choosing the rings that look best on you simply takes a small amount of time and knowledge regarding what is out there.

Longer Fingers and Bands

People with longer fingers have it fairly easy, as they can choose a band of nearly any width. When choosing a ring, start by looking at how much real estate it takes up on the length of your finger. If you have a wide band but s (Read more.....)

Should I Wear High Waisted or Normal Jeans?

Fashion runways and women's closets are seeing more and more high waisted jeans in recent years.  Today's high waisted jeans are cut with a real woman's body in mind.  Many contain a small amount of lycra for comfort, and hit right at a woman's natural waistline rather than above.  They come in all kinds of widths, ranging from wide-leg, skinny, straight or boot cut.  These jeans are being worn by all body shapes and sizes.   The idea behind wearing them successfully can be summed up in one word: balance.


Extra fabric at the bottom of a high waisted jean can balance out the extra fabric at the top.  Therefore, unless a woman is very tall and thin, the boot cut, boyfriend or slave-leg jean bottom gives a mo (Read more.....)

How to Add Style to Your Office Fashion

Jones New York Plus-Size Dress, Pendleton Travel Tricotine All Day Dress , Anne Klein Cascade Dress

In a world of casual Fridays (Read more.....)

The Three Types of Men’s Suits

Suitsupply Spring Summer 2012 LookBook

When you think about suits for men you usually picture a standard black suit. However there are actually three types of men’s suits that are common. These suits can flatter different body shapes and make a man of any size look stylish.

The English Cut

· Little to no padding on shoulders
· Thin lapels
· Tapered sides
· Flap pockets
· Two vents
The English Cut suit is perfect to give a man a slimming and lengthening look. However it must be tailored to fit correctly. The two vents allow for a wide range of motion.

The Italian Cut

· Very padded shoulders
· Wide lapels
· Tapered waist
(Read more.....)

Plus-Sized Models Are Big Right Now, But Their Dress Sizes May Be Shrinking

Monif C Bathing Suits

In the fashion industry, designers traditionally produce sample clothing in sizes zero to four. So, any model larger than that—size six and up—falls into the “plus-sized” category. As our culture shifts to embrace different body types and celebrate individuality, and as more and more women find themselves shopping for larger sizes, curvy, plus-sized models are increasingly in demand in an industry that once belonged only to the super-skinny.

Industry Change

The fashion industry is growing and changing to accommodate today’s bigger waistlines. According to a 2012 National Center for Health Sta (Read more.....)

What to Wear for New Year’s Eve

Harper's Bazaar US October 2012 Editorial - Daphne Groeneveld

Fashion-forward men and women will be rummaging through items on shelves of clothing shops in search for the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit. With big plans, a large gathering of friends and high expectations for a hefty cover fee, the outfit that you style has to look expensive. Get a tasteful and chic look without paying a fortune when you fol (Read more.....)