What to Wear for New Year’s Eve

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Fashion-forward men and women will be rummaging through items on shelves of clothing shops in search for the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit. With big plans, a large gathering of friends and high expectations for a hefty cover fee, the outfit that you style has to look expensive. Get a tasteful and chic look without paying a fortune when you follow the steps below. With only a few days before the big night, nothing will shine brighter than you and your smile knowing that you got a great deal on your outfit!

New Year’s Eve Outfits for Women

There is no prerequisite stating that you have to wear a dress for your New Year’s Eve event though some high-class clubs and restaurants do have a dress code. Ringing in the New Year should be done in style. Whether you choose a classic red dress, a little black dress or jeans and heels, the most important thing to consider is comfort.

1. Cocktail dress

Wearing a classic white dress is definitely fitting around the holiday season. If you are looking to stand out, white is the color for you. Add blush or bronzer to give your skin a sun kissed glow and finish off the look with nude lipstick.

Last year, Kim Kardashian rang in the New Year with a fitting white dress, black necklace and silver stilettos. This look was simple yet stunning and is easily attainable.

Try accessorizing with jewelry that makes a statement if you are wearing a modest dress. Simple and inexpensive looks can be made extravagant with the right necklace.

Avoid mix matching patterns and colors which can lead to a jumbled and unorganized feel.

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2. Sequins & Glitter

Color combinations are often worn to reflect the changing season and during the New Year, it’s normal to see a full sequin dress being fashioned by multiple people. This is due in large part to the first image that pops into everyone’s mind when thinking of New Year’s Eve; the countdown to the infamous ball drop. Looking to shine bright and catch the eyes of those counting down to 2013? Incorporate sequin or glitter into your look like Nicole Richie who rocked a gold sequin dress with black heels and tights.

Try wearing a sleek sequin skirt with a solid print top. If sequin is not your ideal attire, try adding a touch of glitter to your inner eyes or a cute pair of glitter heels.

Avoid wearing glitter and sequin together. Too much of anything is never a good thing.

3. Casual, Cute

Not everyone feels comfortable in a dress and in early January, a cute dress with sleeves can be hard to find. A fitting pair of jeans with heels or boots might be a more suitable look for you. Try a pair of dark skinny jeans with black boots and a black top. Pair this with an oversized necklace and blazer and voila, your look will be complete.

Try incorporating color to the mix. Wearing a dark outfit will give you a sleek look and is found to give you a more slim appearance but big bright lips will really pop!

Avoid sporting the “jumpsuit” look and use tones that are slightly different.

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This guest post was written by guest blogger, Frank Bonati, contributor to the up-and-coming fashion blog vencerny.com. As a native New Yorker and freelance fashion writer, Frank knows that everybody has a style reflective of their own unique personality. With a love for street wear and an appreciation for looking good on a modest budget, Frank writes about his knowledge of fashion, offering advice for how to look great at all times.

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