The Three Types of Men’s Suits

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When you think about suits for men you usually picture a standard black suit. However there are actually three types of men’s suits that are common. These suits can flatter different body shapes and make a man of any size look stylish.

The English Cut

· Little to no padding on shoulders
· Thin lapels
· Tapered sides
· Flap pockets
· Two vents
The English Cut suit is perfect to give a man a slimming and lengthening look. However it must be tailored to fit correctly. The two vents allow for a wide range of motion.

The Italian Cut

· Very padded shoulders
· Wide lapels
· Tapered waist
· Slash pockets
· No vents

The Italian Cut suit is also known as the European Cut and was created to produce a dramatic inverted triangle shape by playing up men’s wide shoulders and small waists. The Italian Cut is fashionable and powerful and fits many shapes. However due to its lack of vents it restricts mobility.

The American Cut

· Moderate shoulder padding
· Medium lapels
· Slightly tapered waist
· Flap or slash pockets
· One vent

A happy medium between the English and Italian Cut suits, the American Cut suit has a roomy waist and overall boxy look that gives it a casual flare. It is comfortable to wear and fits well on men who are wide around the middle. However it is the less stylish alternative and is often called a “sack suit”.

Depending on the man’s shape, any of these three suit styles could be an option. From sleek and slim, to powerful, to casual and easy to wear, these three suit options allow for any shape to be flattered.

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