The Best Lingerie Styles For Plus Size Women?

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If you are a plus size woman, you need lingerie that will show off your curves. A plus size woman with the right lingerie can look especially sexy to her lover, so you’ll want to learn about different lingerie styles and choose one that appeals to you, increases your self-confidence and makes you feel more attractive.


Corsets should be standard pieces of every plus sized woman’s lingerie wardrobe. Women of all sizes wear corsets because they help make other parts of your body appear smoother and flatter so that your cleavage stands out. Corsets are especially good for plus sized women because many plus sized women dread showing off their mid-section; a corset that fits well will flatten your stomach and draw attention away from it.

Baby Doll or Chemises

Baby doll and chemise style lingerie also helps draw attention to your cleavage rather than your mid-section.  Both baby doll and chemise style lingerie is designed to be short, so you will show off more leg with this type of lingerie than you would with a corset.

Baby doll lingerie usually consists of a short negligee. The negligee is both loose-fitting and fancy, usually trimmed with lace or fur. It often has cups to hold up your cleavage; some baby-doll style negligees also come with a skirt. This style of lingerie emphasizes your curves and gives you an empire waist–a higher waistline almost directly below your cleavage. Thus, your lover will not notice your mid-section because of everything else that is being emphasized.

Some women find baby dolls to be too racy for their tastes, although you can get versions of this type of lingerie that are less racy to suit your tastes. If you are not comfortable with any type of baby doll, you might want to try a chemise. Like baby dolls, chemises are loose fitting and designed to de-emphasize your mid-section. Chemises are designed to give you a more innocent look, so they won’t show as much cleavage. They are also less loose fitting around your hips than a baby doll typically is.


Camisoles are another type of short garment that tends to look good on plus size women. This type of garment is normally worn in a set with a pair of panties.

Camisoles are similar to chemises, but are shorter. These loose-fitting garments extend only to the waist and emphasize curves and cleavage. Some camisoles are shorter than others; these are designed to expose your midriff. You may want a longer camisole if you are not comfortable showing off your midsection.

These lingerie pieces are usually made out of light material in a variety of colors. Consider whether you want extra support for your cleavage if you decide to wear a camisole. Some camisoles offer underwire bras to help keep your cleavage where you want it.


In addition to the style of lingerie you choose, you may also want to consider colors. Depending on your skin tone and eye color, you’ll look sexier in certain colors than others. Dark colors often make plus size women appear slightly slimmer, while lingerie that is slightly lighter than your eye color can help show off your eyes, which adds to your sex appeal.

Author bio:

Katelyn is a copywriter for Julianna Rae, makers of fine lingerie for women.

Simply Yours Plus Size Lingerie

Simply Yours Plus Size Lingerie

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