9 Shoe Trends That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2012

Shoes are a woman’s best friends because, unlike diamonds, they are both a necessity and a luxury. Many women shop for shoes before they shop for their clothes because wrong footwear can be a big negative point on your fashion quotient. This 2012, shoes have gone crazier and a lot of experimentation is on […]

Celebrity Fashion Trend – Body Confidence

It is not big surprise when a celebrity is under scrutiny and criticism from the public; as unfortunate as it is, it’s the norm for them. But what has been brought to my attention recently is whole Kate Upton is ‘fat’ debate. This has caused in uproar in the blogosphere and has many woman […]

Sexy Plus Size Bras

Despite the wealth of girls who stuff their bras with tennis balls, socks, gels, and padding, there are plenty of girls complaining about the opposite problem. Navigating the lingerie store can be a tricky task for plus-sized shoppers, especially those with bra sizes ranging from DDs all the way to Ns. Sure […]