Eddie Bauer Plus Size Swim Suits

No matter what your size, everyone feels a bit awkward in a swimming suit, especially if you don’t go swimming that often.   The right suit can make a difference  in the way you feel and look about yourself.   The wrong suit can add pounds even by illusion of what doesn’t exist.  Buying the right suit can give the appearance of being slimmer than you are.    A couple things to keep in mind when you are buying a suit are color and pattern.  Eddie Bauer has a number of new prints that are very chic and new.  Any woman cannot go wrong with black.  A simple black dress, like a swim suit can be stunningly elegant, and timeless without drawing attention.  While patterns come and go, a black bathing suit will stay in your wardrobe for a while.   Any dark color  such as dark brown and navy are classics which will always look fantastic while staying hip from season to season.   Miracle Suit By Eddie Bauer has been popular ever since its “Slimming Material Technology” constructed bathing suits hit the shelves.  Their  fabric they proclaim can make a woman look lighter by 10lbs  in 10 seconds .  Their Miracle Suits have been a favorite. 

Eddie Bauer Plus Size Swim Suit

Eddie Bauer Plus Size SwimSuit



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