Should I Wear High Waisted or Normal Jeans?

Fashion runways and women’s closets are seeing more and more high waisted jeans in recent years.  Today’s high waisted jeans are cut with a real woman’s body in mind.  Many contain a small amount of lycra for comfort, and hit right at a woman’s natural waistline rather than above.  They come in all kinds of widths, ranging from wide-leg, skinny, straight or boot cut.  These jeans are being worn by all body shapes and sizes.   The idea behind wearing them successfully can be summed up in one word: balance.


Extra fabric at the bottom of a high waisted jean can balance out the extra fabric at the top.  Therefore, unless a woman is very tall and thin, the boot cut, boyfriend or slave-leg jean bottom gives a more balanced look.

Proper fit is crucial to successfully carrying off the high waisted jean look.  The top of the jean should rise above the curve of the hip and lightly grip it, while the waist rests immediately below the belly button.  Pay particular attention to the fit through the hips and inseams.

The jeans should fit snugly without being too tight, and fall from the natural waistline to the tops of the feet just below the ankle bone.  Zipped jeans can give a nice, smooth appearance.  However, if button front jeans are chosen, they should fit well and not bulge open in front.  This can sometimes mean choosing jeans in a size larger so that the button mechanism will lie flat, and having them taken in by a tailor, if necessary.

Color and Pockets

Like other styles of jeans, the high waisted variety comes in a plethora of colors.  The most figure flattering jeans come in a dark wash.  Dark blue denim or black are the standard slenderizing colors, but other colors can work also.   Large, flat hip pockets can do a lot visually to minimize the excess fabric on the backsides of high waisted jeans.  Invisible slit pockets on the sides work well, also.  The point is to give a nice visual effect without adding excess bulk.  Therefore, fill pockets sparingly, if at all.


The choice of a blouse can greatly affect the way high waisted jeans do their magic on a woman’s figure.  This look definitely calls for the blouse to be tucked in.   To elongate the figure, one should create a continuous line from head to toe.  Plus size women look better in a singular, or near-match color worn on top and bottom.  Accessories such as scarves, thin belts or even vests or sweaters in contrasting colors work well, so long as they do not break the line created by the blouse and jeans.

Tall, thin women can successfully wear contrasting colored blouses or small patterns with high waisted jeans.  In both cases, it is better to choose a blouse that is constructed of thinner fabric that can be tucked into the jeans without bulk.  Avoid thick ribbing and other heavily textured or thick fabrics that might bunch up under the waistband.  Body suits work very well with high waisted jeans.


Beloved for their ability to elongate the torso and minimize the waist, high waisted jeans should always be worn with appropriate footwear.  Making the correct shoe selections for wear with high waisted jeans depends on one’s height and weight.  Taller women should opt for low-heeled or flat shoes, and women who are on the short side, look better in higher heels to balance out the look.

Byline:  Suzie Whitworth writes on everything from clothing, style, and finances, to insurance comparison free at Kanetix.

Wide Leg High Waist Jean, Ashley Stewart
Solid Trouser Pant In Tomate- Ashley Stewart
Button Accent Linen Pant From Ashley Stewart
Jeans From Ashley Stewart
Side Embellished Denim Jeans From Ashley Stewart

Flare leg jeans are a hot fall trend and are best for plus size women who are looking to create curves because they are a bit more fitted in the waist/hip area than say wide leg jeans.
542 Flare Leg, Levis $42.99 Macy’s

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Tall Straight Jean From Ashley Stewart


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