Sequin Plus Size Clothing

“Samantha” Sequin Party Dress From Monif C

Sequins have made a massive comeback to fashion with designers Balmain, Pucci and Balenciaga sending elaborately sequined and sparkly numbers down international runways. Celebrities have also been donning sequined and backless dresses including Audrina Partridge, Model Erin Wasson, Sienna Miller, Lauren Conrad and Kate Hudson. When I first saw the Samantha” Sequin Party Dress from Monif C, I thought to myself, this has got to be the IT party dress of this years season.  Not only is it sexy, but it is also classy showing not too much flesh but just enough and in the right places.  Pair this stunning dress with a pair of booties, or satin pumps.  This dress sure is a killer gown!

Celebrity sequin trends are here to stay.  Shine with the glitz this holiday season, and make a dazzling entrance with sequin dress for your holiday parties. When it comes to dressing your best, wearing metallic is your best bet.

Pairing a sequin top with a simple black pant makes for a look that isn’t overdone, yet can see very designer and chic.

Go for a sequin dress for a hot night on the town or a New Year’s celebration.

Pair your sequin dress with a pair of heavy heels.  Consider a pair of boots for a very youthful hip look.  Consider a pair of black herring pants with a sequin top for a sexy diva look while classy and professional at the same time.

No matter how you choose to wear this sequins trend you will always look like a winner!

SNTV – Hair should be left naturally falling either in a loose ponytail or in a dishevelled bedhead style. This is to avoid looking too “polished”, make your outfit look like it came together effortlessly.The usual Makeup rules apply – heavy on the eyes, light on the lips and vice versa. The Fringed Backless Sequin Dress (above) would look great with clean dewy makeup and red hot lips.


Jennifer Hudson Wearing Topshop Plus Size Sequin Gowns

Consider the Torrid Plus Size Black Side Sequin Seamless Leggings as they have a black SEQUIN strip along the side that would work perfectly with a Sequin gown.

Sequins are attention grabbers.  They are loud all on their own, so it is best to consider pairing sequins with accessories that don’t steal from their attention.  Consider bags in the same color tone as your sequin dress, but in a satin or a leather.  Accessories and bags must be kept to a minimum. The best bag to go for is a clutch as handbags seem to spoil the sequined look. Opt for a small, sleek leather clutch and a few bangles to balance out the sequins.

Flashy Evening Plus Size Designer Tops

Haas Fashion sells a number of stunning tops that can be paired with leggings, or a pair of trousers for a holiday party.

The Silk Cotton Stones and sequins work Ladies Tunic Top features a really stunning gold top which really draws your attention up to the face. The bottom of the top makes a perfect transition into a pair of streamlined pressed pants. Pair this top with a pair of black pants and a flashy set of satin black shoes.

They also sell a very sexy white top with a stripe down the center. This would be dynamite with a pair of white dress pants. WOW! Consider pairing this white top with a white pant such as Jones New York Women’s Sateen Flare Pant or a straight leg

Roamans Plus Size Gold-Piped Pants by Denim 24/7

Cj By Cookie Johnson Women’s Bofriend Jean

Alfani Plus Size Cuffed Capri Pants

Thread Embroidery Work Ladies Tunic Blouse Kurta Top

Jessica London Plus Size Blazer Single-Breasted

Roamans Plus Size Sport Chic Zipper Trim Jacket 

Also there are Roamans Plus Size Leggings which comes in white and goes up to 4X, although I am not sure how long the white sequin top is. If the top doesn’t come down far enough, leggings just are not appropriate.  You could consider something like the the Sheer Thong Swim Dress which could give some coverage around your bottom, but at the same time could be dressy and go with the top.


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