Pulling off ‘Skinny’ Looks

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There are a lot of different styles out there that plus sized women think they can’t pull off. But you are wrong ladies! Believe it or not, most of these ‘skinny’ styles look better on a woman with curves. Here are 3 looks that you can pull off with the right help:

Skinny jeans

Before you roll your eyes, stop and think why you may think this is a bad look for you? Some think it draws attention to the width of your legs and/or hips and stomach. False. It’s all about pairing the skinny jeans with the right shoe and the right top. Try pairing your skinny jeans with a slender knee high boot or a dainty sandal or flat. The smaller the shoe looks the better. Your top should be flowy in all the right places and hug you at your skinny parts. So if you tend to be skinnier around your rib cage, find tops that fit tighter in that area. Off the shoulder sweaters and tops are a great break up for the skinny jean look too.


Maxi skirts can create a slimmer waistline, if done correctly. Depending on where you place your skirt and depending on your body type, you can be at risk of looking larger than you are. If you are hippy and thicker up higher, wear your maxi up higher. Depending on the look you are going for you may want to pair your skirt with a wide and chunky belt with a tucked in fitted top. Be careful of wearing a top that is too oversized, it may create a large silhouette than you want. Stand in front of the mirror and play with the location that you put the skirt waistline; lower on the hip could be best for your shape or high-just depends. You make the call.

Plus Size Tops From Swakdesigns.com

Strapless dresses

Most people agree that one of the prettiest places on a woman is her shoulders. Your shoulders typically age last and create a sexy and feminine look when shown off. Don’t skip strapless dresses because feel insecure. All you need is a strong and supportive strapless bra and confidence. Stand up straight, with your shoulders back and your chin up. Show off your beautiful shoulders and be proud of them!

Don’t let yourself doubt be the reason you won’t try a cute trend that you love. Take the time to make the trend work best for your body. Alter to fit your figure and show off your best assets. Don’t forget the confidence and you have yourself an awesome look!

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Plus Size Skinny Jeans From Lane Bryant

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