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Almost everyone wants to look good and fashionable. This is the main reason why most people tend to be late for their appointments; they spend too much time choosing the best kind of clothes, accessories, and hairstyle. But remember this, even though how good is the brand of your clothes or dress. You will not look your best if it is not worn with flattering colors. By choosing the right kind of fashionable colors, you will look your best, as this will make your eyes sparkle, skin glow, and make you attractive. This involves in choosing the right kind of fashionable color from top to bottom.

First is your hair color. A blonde hair is great in warm and light shades. Yellow, orange, and tan is the best color for blondes. Brunette can wear a wide range of colors, from green, blue, orange and chocolate. Redheads will look great with browns and oranges. Those people with gray hair usually look good in bright colors. Next step is to test your underlying skin color. Determining this is very important as your skin color plays a very important role in determining what colors suits you. In determining your skin color, pinch the skin on your earlobe, on the back of your hand or on the tip of your finger. The color you will see in the next few seconds is your true skin color. If you see blue or reddish tones, you will look your best in cool colors. If you see golden or warm red tones, warm colors will be your best friend. In choosing the colors, stand in front of a big mirror with the clothes you want to try on. Make sure the room is well lit. Choose the colors that make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow. Forget the ones that make you look dull, pale, or unhealthy.

If you cannot find the best colors that will make you look fashionable or if you have a low sense of fashion, seek professional advice. Stylists are always available to give you tips and tricks how to look fashionable. They will instruct you what colors will make you attractive and will give you a list of colors that you can bring with you when you shop for clothes. Wear clothes that will give you a consistent look. Choose colors that go well with the shade of your hair. It will make you taller and slimmer. Never wear too many kinds of color, this will make you unattractive to the eyes of others. Blondes should wear clothes with yellow or creamy colors. Brunettes should choose brownish clothes and redheads will look best with orange or rusty colors.

Now you know how to choose the best colors that will make you fashionably correct and attractive. Identify which type of hair color and skin color you belong to and find the best colors that will make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow! Go shop with your friends and share with them how to look their best.

Melissa Drake is pursuing her career as a fashion designing student. She has a dream to become one of the famous designers. She frequently visits Lyst to follow Louis Vuitton on Lyst.

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