Plus Size Shapers & Undergarments

The Staples in your clothing is proper undergarments.  The summer can bring out the more luxurious fabrics such as silk and linen, which tend to be thinner and ligher and more revealing.  A day doesn’t go by where the media is having more of a spot light on  desirable shapes, which is leading ladies to different products other than diet pills and weight programs which don’t work.  Body slimmers are becoming very popular today  more than ever.  Women are wearing them under their regular work attire, then just on the special events in their lives.  Depending on the type of fabric used, body slimmers are also allowing weight loss as the body is molded and smoothed out over time into the desired shape.  Is this new?  Or something the ladies of the past knew much about?  In southern countries where different body shapes such as longer necks signal more beauty and appeal, women will gradually increase the length of their metal brace that is worn around their neck over time which gradually stretches their neck over time.  Even though this may be painful because it is dealing with bones and not practiced in North America (and most of the world), the general idea does work on the body.  Shapers don’t necessarly have to be uncomfortable if you get the right size that fits confortably.  Check out some of the very best shapers, discounted.


 Taken from www.  I don’t know the story behind this picture, but it just goes to show us women that body shapers can do a lot to smoothing out the legs.  This is all this girl needs.  (No embrarrasment, as we all have been there) I love the white pants. 

There is a common myth that white adds the weight. Lighter colors can look fresher on a woman, the key is what you add with it.  You can add some diagonial lines to lengthen the eye….    Just be sure that when you are wearing lighter weight fabrics, (any color) be sure to wear your body shaper at any size.  The last thing you need is a man standing behind you in Starbucks to be looking at the outline of your panty.

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