Ideas To Perfect Your Summer Look

Jessica Simpson Plus Size Dress, Sleeveless Pleated Colorblock – Macy’s

Summertime is the perfect season to really work on yourself and your look. You can get a new tan, new styles, new hair color, new everything. Here are five ideas on how you can achieve the perfect summer look.

1. Get Some Sun

Go for a natural tan look. It’s tempting to run out to the salons as often as you can in the spring to get ready for your swimsuit, but too much tanning and you’ll end up looking unnaturally orange. Tan in moderation. If you think you might be tanning too much and looking a little strange, ask a friend you know will be honest about it.

2. Get a Pedicure

You’re starting to wear sandals again, so make sure those toes look gorgeous. Go to a professional salon for a pedicure to start the summer off right, and then take care of your feet for the next three months. Now might be a great time to pick up some new nail polish colors to show off your new summer look.

3. Be Colorful

Be bold with colors. While winter makeup plays with lots of neutrals, summer gives you a time to really show off the bolder side of your personality. One way to switch it up is by going with a more extreme lip color. Hot pink is today’s hot summer color, and hot pink lipstick will make you stand out and look stunning at summer beach parties!

4. Show Skin

Take care of your skin. More of it’s going to be showing as you transition to shorts, tank tops, and bikinis, so now is the time to polish up the skin on your shoulders, upper arms, and thighs. Before you head out on that beach vacation, look into wart removal in San Diego. You want every part of your body to look fantastic after being covered in fabric all winter.

5. Get Your Hair Done

Take care of your hair. Got a new hair color for the summer? It’s easy for color to fade during in the sun, and the humidity can wreak all sorts of havoc with it, so get yourself some hair care products that will keep your hair looking incredible. Nourishing shampoo can help shield your hair from harmful ultraviolet rays, while color vibrancy sprays keep color in your hair longer.

Look your hottest this summer with these five simple tips! People who don’t see you in the summer will barely recognize you when you come back in the fall. You’ll be glad you put the time and effort into perfecting your summer look.

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