Plus Size Jeggings Leggings: How To Pull Off This Look

Jeggings are basically leggings that are styled to look like tight denim jeans. They are hot in Canada and the United States.  The name not only refers to their appearance of jeans but also the fact that they were first worn for jogging in early 2009.  Jeggings are ultra stretch and have an elastic waist band. There are no zippers or buttons to do up.  Jeggings have to be worn just right to be pulled no matter what your size.  Even if you are skinny, like Mariah Carey, jeggings worn on their own without a long top can look very suggestive.  On a plus girl it can really reveal all her curves, but also it can give the impression of a tall, lengthy frame.  This look can be very chic if you get the right elements in place.


1.  Cropped Jeggings With A Long Top And HEAVY Heels.

My cousin and I were shopping in in the Target this last week, and a lady with her 2 kids were standing at the cash register and I couldn’t help to notice how terrific she looked.  I regret not taking a picture of her.  The leggings she wore were cropped between her ankle and her knee giving room for her lovely heels to be seen, and her beautiful legs to be exposed.  The key to this look is the shoes.  Having the right pair of shoes can really make this look appear very high end.  Her leggings were white, which caught my eye, and appeared to look crisp and fresh against her legs.   This look by Three Dots were almost identical to the pair of leggings she choose.  She paired her light color leggings with heavy sandy natural colored gladiator heel.  The heel was flesh toned which lengthened her leg even more.  Her top was loose and came below her bottom and had a string that tightened it at her waist line.  She looked terrific, and not at all like a mom with a couple kids on her side.  I should have mentioned to her how great she looked!

Some say that you have to be tall and have shapely legs to make this look work, and if you are short and round, this may not be a great look for you.  I disagree.  Switching from the full length leggings to the cropped jeggings adds length to the leg, and adding a heavy heel gives a longer appearance.  Wearing the full legged leggings isn’t a great idea if you are shorter, although a cropped pant and a heavy shoe WILL add legth to your frame.  Taking a picture of yourself is always the best way to judge an outfit.  Shoes can be like jewelry so have fun and go overboard with something really dramatic with this look.

(I have collected my favorite shoes, so hopefully they will still be in stock when you click on the links)

ALDO Beazley – Clearance Women Heel Sandals

ALDO Campell – Clearance Women Heel Shoes

ALDO Erck – Clearance Women Heel Sandals

ALDO Deviva – Women Evening Sandals

ALDO Ferriera – Clearance Women Heel Shoes

ALDO Falge – Women High Heel Shoes

ALDO Geidner – Women Gladiator Sandals

ALDO Frankenberg – Clearance Women Heel Sandals

ALDO Sandate – Women Gladiator Sandals

ALDO Mikami – Clearance Women Heel Shoes

ALDO Vanhove – Clearance Women Heel Shoes

Baby Phat Ariana Boots

Baby Phat Diana Boots Ankle Shoes Black Womens

Baby Phat Jamie Sandal – Natural

Baby Phat Marianela – Brown

BABY PHAT Women’s Ariel

Baby Phat Jicarilla – Black

Bamboo Brenda-29 Tan Women Over The Knee Boots

Brown Gladiator Slip-on Flats Thongs Sandals

4 Inch Indian Costume Strappy Sandals Native American Pocahantas Sexy Shoes Fringe

Damita K Amy-04 Black Women Ankle Boots

Fergie Women’s Gatsby Oxford

Jeffrey Campbell Foxy WD F

Cropped Jeggings- Plus Size Clothing

Ladies Blue Strappy Gladiator Style Open Toe Platform Heels

2.  Success Tip 2- Pair your Leggings With A LOOSE Fitting Top

This is almost essential to pulling off this youthful style with class.  If you choose a top that is skin tight, then the whole outfit is skin tight, and doesn’t look quite right.  You want to choose something loose for the top because the bottom is so form fitting.  Chictopia Blog puts together her outfit quite well.  If you are working with a specific legging color, try to incorporate the color into the top. Gray works with gray, black with black, and a white or flesh tone with anything.  Again, pick something you love.

*Tunic tops, fitted but not clingy, are the way to go.   The idea of jeggings is to create a long, lean silhouette, and that’s hard to do where there’s no place to rest the eye.

I LOVE the Jessica London Plus Size Tab-Sleeve Cargo Tunic because it is long enough to cover your bottom while drawing in the waist!

Also the Avenue Plus Size Seamed Ponte Leggings  look to be very very nice.  It is hard to find a formal legging that has more detail that distinguishes it from bed time clothing.  If you can find a heavier weight fabric, I think it looks much more formal, than some of the see through leggings.  A heavier weight fabric will also even out your skin than a lighter weight fabric and will be more forgiving with the way our bodies are.  This legging has a front seam down the front of the leg giving the leg more length.  The size is limited to 14/16 and 18/20, so if you are over or under you are out of luck with this legging.  Although if your legging is a bit on the heavier weight side, you could sew a line down the front.  Forget about this idea with paper thin fabric, as it will ruin the legging.  This legging comes in Gray, Navy and Black

I am also really impressed with the Roamans Plus Size Tall Stretch Bootcut Leggings by Denim because the leggings come in a variety of colors and the bottom of the legging isn’t so tight.  Sometimes having a bit of a wider or loose fit bottom (much like the boot cut) can make the leg seem more proportionate.  I really love this legging.  Pair it with some sexy shoes and it seems to be one of my favorite options for jeggings at this moment.  Again get both the tighter ankle fit legging and the boot cut for your wardrobe, as both are very beautiful.

Some suggestions for tops:

St. John Caviar Long Sleeve Sweater Dress

Plus size Black Belt Accent Longline Cardigan

Gray Waterfall shawl collar Open front Plus size Cardigan

D.E.P.T. Women’s Long Sleeve Rich Sweater

Jules & Jim Women’s Cowl Neck Long Sweater With Drawstrings

Jessica London Plus Size Long Hooded Cardigan

A Pea in the Pod: Long Sleeve Side Ruched Maternity Sweater

bebe Peek Shoulder Surplice Tunic

Roamans Plus Size Mirielle Embellished Tunic by Denim 24/7

Jessica London Plus Size Tunic With Boatneck

Jessica London Plus Size Embroidered Tunic Blouse

Jessica London Plus Size Tab-Sleeve Cargo Tunic

Woman Within Plus Size Peasant tunic by Ellos

Jessica London Plus Size Tunic with Flutter-Sleeves

Roamans Plus Size Precious Metal Angel Tunic by Denim 24/7

Avenue Plus Size Lace Trim Tunic

How To Wear Jeggings or Leggings At Any Size

Do you see how wearing a tunic top will cover well? Even looking at the picture in one of the first paragraphs of Mariah Carrie (who has a beautiful figure) doesn’t seem to flatter her well. These leggings are designed to make the legs stand out.

Saks Color Block-Sweater and Jeggings- Plus Size Clothing Ideas

3.  Success Tip 3 -Careful Shoe Selection.

Picking out the just right shoe will really make this look designer.

* Gladiator Heels or sandles are the number one choice with this look.  Ideally you want some detail at the foot to really anchor this look.

* A tall boot looks really terrific with this look.  While some like the scrunched boot look, I really love how the streamlined tall boots look on the legs.

* Longer Leggings work well with a heavy gladiator heel, or ankle boots.  Ideally this look can be its best when the legging color and the ankle boot match.

Sexy Jeggings - Plus Size Clothing Ideas

Jessica London Plus Size “Randy” Wide-Calf Leather Boots by Comfortview

Womens WIDE WIDTH Boots WIDE CALF Sexy Boots Gothic Style 3 3/4 Inch High Heel

Sanzia Women’s Andrea Wide-Shaft Boot

Wide Calf Knee-High Leather Boots with Classic Buckle Strap

Trotters Women’s Andie Riding Boot

Jessica London Katie leather wide-calf boot by Step Up Comfort.

Naturalizer Women’s Glassy Knee-High Boot

David Tate Women’s Ranger Boot


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