Gottex Plus Size Swimsuit Lines

Some of the prettiest swimsuits this season have been the I.F. plus size swimsuits line and the Gottex plus size swimsuit lines.  Sometimes all a woman needs is some modern day cuts that flatter some of her best features and hide the ones which don’t need to be advertised.  Consider cuts that are asymmetrical, because they don’t slice the body in half, but add length, and give the appearance of a taller frame.  Consider skirts that don’t have ruffles at the waist line.  A flat fronted skirt like the one below by I.F. can give the appearance of a smoother waist line.  Don’t show too much boobs, as more skin in this area can make a woman look heavier than she is.  Gottex shows a lovely bathing suit with a slit down the center of the bathing suit.  It isn’t your typical suit cut which makes it interesting.  Having more of a pattern at the top, and a solid at the bottom gives the eye the illusion that the bottom is thinner.  I love the slit in the top of the bathing suit, as this is a cut often seen in evening gowns, not in bathing suits!  This cut certainly gives this suit a richer look. Get some ideas from these sexy smart cuts by Gottex and I.F. and pick out the right bathing suit for year round swimming.

Profile by Gottex Women’s Coral Sea High Neck One Piece Swimsuit

I.F. Plus Size Swimsuit, Up Up And Away Piped Swimdress


I.F. Plus Size Swimsuit, Decade Halter Tankini Set

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