Five Tips For Dressing Correctly for Any Social Event

Natasha Poly x Vogue Russia May 2013

If every social event that we attend requires the exact same attire, life would be extremely boring. Whether an event is formal or normal, they each have a separate set of clothing expectations, but similar guidelines in order to determine your final choices before leaving the house. Following these five tips for dressing correctly for any social event will ensure that you don’t feel out of place in your surroundings.

Dress Code

Be clear about the dress code that your social event may enforce. If it is a new restaurant, night club or a speaking engagement, contact the venue in advance to make sure that you wear appropriate clothing. Many public venues may frown upon sneakers, baseball caps and jeans. Even if you already know the venue’s normal dress code, if a special social event is being hosted there it could have its own clothing rules set by the promoter.


Once you are away of the clothing do’s and don’ts of the event you are attending, take a moment to consider what activities you will be involved in while you are there. If you are going to be dancing, you will need to wear clothing flexible enough to accommodate your body movement. If you will be drinking red wine, you may not want to wear that white shirt that would look horrible with burgundy blotches all over it. Consider your shoe selection as well, especially if you are going to be doing quite a bit of standing.


Who wants to be sweating up a storm in a stuffy building with three or four layers of clothing on? Also, if you are traveling to a location considerably colder than you are used to, bundle up.


Now that you know what type of clothing will be socially acceptable, ask yourself, how do you feel at the moment? Conservative? Flamboyant? Excited? Miserable? Timid? Incorporate your feelings into your outfit by wearing brighter colors to express your positive, happy mood, and duller earth tones and dark colors if you would feel more comfortable adapting to your more somber mood.


Do not be afraid to express your natural personality through clothes: inviting, observant, romantic, creative or comedic.

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Elle España March 2008

Natasha Poly in Gucci x Vogue Russia August 2012 photographed by Ellen von Unwerth

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Hayley Hasselhoff

Dress Alexander McQueen by Trois Pommes, Zurich; Necklace Poggi by Grieder, Zurich

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Hayley Hasselhoff

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