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As we enter the rainy, drizzly season of fall and winter, hats become more important than just a fashion statement. However, no one ever said a practical hat couldn’t be stylish too. Here are some hat styles that are fashionable this season. Depending on your facial shape, some may work better for you than others, but you are sure to find a hat you’ll fall in love with!

1.    Fedora – This classic hat style dresses up any outfit. From a classic suit to jeans and a spangled off the shoulder shirt, a fedora is a great hat for going out in style.

2.    Cloche – Close to the head but with a little brim, the cloche hat is classic and retro. With a great 1920’s vibe and a practical shape, this hat style is great for all sorts of occasions.

3.   Beret – The beret is much more than a French hat. While some are furry and others are sleeker, the style is flexible enough to fit a wide variety of face shapes. Wear it to the side for fashion or straight on for warmth. Whichever the case may be, this hat style is perfect for many needs.

4.    Beanie – Worn tight and pulled down, this skater inspired fashion is usually more casual. Great to keep your head warm, beanies can also be dressed up in a variety of ways. A perfect hat choice for activities and crisp fall days.

5.Slouch – Like a beanie but looser, this hat style doesn’t squash your hairstyle as much but still gives you the warmth you need. They are supposed to look a little big, and that means that they are super comfortable to wear.

6.    Fur–A fur hat is the top of the line when it comes to keeping warm in winter and fall. A nice fur hat will last you many years and they never seen to go out of style. They come in a variety of shapes and colors to suit any face or outfit.

7.    Jockey –This cute hat style comes with a small bill that gives it a formal edge over baseball caps. Very feminine and alluring, the jockey cap is a great hat style for casual daily wear or even a night out!

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