Dereon Plus Size Clothing

House of Dereon is fashion line created by Beyonce and her mom, Tina Knowles.   House of Dereon’s tagline is “Couture Kick Soul” which represents the three generation of women. Agnez Dereon is the “soul,” Tina Knowles is the “couture,” and Beyonce is the “kick.” While Beyoncé was performing in the group Destiny’s Child, her mother Tina would design and sew their outfits.  When the group was first starting out and did not have much money or access to designer clothing so with their mothers talent, the group was known for their great musical talent, as well as keen sense of style.  The fashion line was first introduced on The Oprah Show, and was also featured on The Tyra Banks Show.   The clothing mixes hip-hop influences, such as its use of denim, with ultrafeminine flourishes like embroidery and ruffles. In an interview with Ebony magazine Beyoncé said “I love the clothes from the ’70s, my mother’s clothes. I love clothes from the ’40s, my grandmother’s style, so elegant. We wanted to take elements from my grandmother’s legacy–the beaded lace, lush colors, fine fabrics–and mix them with clothes from my mother’s generation and my generation.” Check out the past collections you can buy- 1X, 2 X, 3 X









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