Should I Wear High Waisted or Normal Jeans?

Fashion runways and women’s closets are seeing more and more high waisted jeans in recent years. Today’s high waisted jeans are cut with a real woman’s body in mind. Many contain a small amount of lycra for comfort, and hit right at a woman’s natural waistline rather than above. They come in […]

Plus Size Jeans: How To Look Thinner in Jeans

To look thinner in jeans, go for the dark wash denim with plain pockets. A slight boot cut jean looks the very best if you want to look thinner. Skinny jeans have been really hot the last few years but the overall style requires that they be very tight, and often clothing […]

Plus Size Slimming Pants

AK Anne Klein Women’s Plus Size Slim Leg Pant

Avoid pleated (gathered at the waist) pants if you want to look taller and thinner. No matter how thin you are, pleated pants add bulk to your middle, making you look larger. My husband will look several sizes […]