Brighten Your Wardrobe with Colored Denim

Michael Kors Plus In Red- Macy’s

Colored pants might be startling to some, but they’re only going to get more prominent. For that, you can thank colored denim. Red, green, purple, yellow and crazy multi-colored patterns may historically belong to cotton, knit and synthetic pants, but denim’s adoption of the […]

Hot Plus Looks For Spring And Summer

American Model Star Plus Size Tara Lynn

Color is hot for spring and summer, so consider getting out of the darks and into some brighter looks. Fashion runways and plus size fashions are seeing more pops of bold colors. Today’s plus clothing designed around a real woman’s body in mind, so wearing color […]

Pulling off ‘Skinny’ Looks

Jessica London Maxi Plus Dresses

There are a lot of different styles out there that plus sized women think they can’t pull off. But you are wrong ladies! Believe it or not, most of these ‘skinny’ styles look better on a woman with curves. Here are 3 looks that you […]