How to Add Style to Your Office Fashion

Jones New York Plus-Size Dress, Pendleton Travel Tricotine All Day Dress , Anne Klein Cascade Dress

In a world of casual Fridays and Silicon Valley office cultures where employees get to play at work, the shoes your wear to work can overshadow efforts to put your best foot […]

Plus-Sized Models Are Big Right Now, But Their Dress Sizes May Be Shrinking

Monif C Bathing Suits

In the fashion industry, designers traditionally produce sample clothing in sizes zero to four. So, any model larger than that—size six and up—falls into the “plus-sized” category. As our culture shifts to embrace different body types and celebrate individuality, and as more and more women find themselves shopping for […]

Plus Size Designer Fall Colors

Elena Miro Fall 2012

Check out the Elena Miro – Milan Spring 2012 Line Here

Almost everyone wants to look good and fashionable. This is the main reason why most people tend to be late for their appointments; they spend too much time choosing the best kind of clothes, […]