Brighten Your Wardrobe with Colored Denim

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Colored pants might be startling to some, but they’re only going to get more prominent. For that, you can thank colored denim. Red, green, purple, yellow and crazy multi-colored patterns may historically belong to cotton, knit and synthetic pants, but denim’s adoption of the color spectrum is opening the doors for pant wear that is both brilliant in appearance and durable in use. Here’s a quick guide when incorporating this new look.

Matching your pants to your top

The colors of your new denim can throw some people off when they go to match outfits. If you’re intimidated by trying to find a good top to match with green pants, try this trick: forget your pants are colored. Blue jeans seem to go with anything, and colored denim can be just about as flexible. Of course, there are exceptions — you don’t want tops that too closely match the bottoms, and you’ll want the color contrasts to be complimentary instead of clashing. Struggles to properly match these articles may just be in your head.

If you’re wearing your pants in a more proper setting, a brighter top that contrasts dark colored denim should be no problem. If you’re headed outdoors or out on the town, you can go bold from head-to-toe. Casual wear for daily errands is more a matter of personal preference. Whether you pair colored denim with accessories that transform your outfit or choose to keep the look simple, this new approach to pants opens plenty of options when crafting your own personal style.

General color choices

When you’re shopping for colored denim, you’ll want to consider your body type, your personal style and where you plan on wearing these pants. Additionally, the colors that may garner attention while out on a Saturday night may attract negative reactions in the office. Generally speaking, darker colors will be more flattering on the body, and they won’t serve as such a distraction–this could be a good route if you’re looking for pants that will have a slimming effect. Also, when considering patterns, bear in mind the natural slimming effect of vertical stripes.

Use layering for more dynamic outfits

Layering is important to maintaining good balance in your outfit. You need to stay away from colors that are too similar, including pastel pairings and overly dark tones. An added layer over the top can change everything. A blue denim jacket can subdue the brightness overload of a pink-and-yellow combination. In the same way, a white or light-colored blazer can ease up the darkness of a forest green-and-burgundy pairing. Leather jackets, vests and low-cut cardigans can also mix things up, giving you additional outfit options and greater overall control.

Care tip: Washing your denim

The quality of your denim’s color is key to its longevity. You can help preserve the quality of these colors with proper washing practices. Always wash denim inside-out and run it through a cold water cycle. Don’t dry in a machine — the heat can make the colors fade faster. Hang them out to dry on a line.

Colored denim might seem like a bold choice but it’s a fast-growing trend that will continue to gain steam in coming years. Don’t wait for everyone else to pick up the habit. Invest in some colored pants now and mix them in with your wardrobe to present yourself as a trend-setter.

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