Accessorize to Transform Your Spring Outfit

Plus Size Accessories – Bright Flashy Heels

It’s easy to think about fashion in the broad terms of tops and bottoms. But style is really defined by the subtleties that go into any given outfit. The details don’t just matter — they can unify an outfit and make it greater than the sum of its parts. The best way to accomplish this effect is through accessory choices.

If it sounds overdramatic, think again. Look up any guide on how to dress for spring and you’ll discover a strong focus on accessorizing. That’s because the spring weather is made for accessorizing. Whether it’s scarves and tights to address changing temperatures or the flowing, charismatic accessories that can get lost underneath winter coats, you have plenty of options to express yourself through style. Here are some tips to help make the most of your accessories.

Go big with earrings

Large earrings are perfect for the spring. Whether you choose dangling earrings or gold loops, choose something big and bold to achieve the look. Take advantage and test your own fashion limits.

Slip on eye-catching necklaces

Jewelry of any kind is a big hit in the spring and in 2013, chainmail will be a very popular style. Whether it’s gold, silver or bronze, you can match a chainmail necklace to a bracelet and even shoes of the same material. More traditional necklaces and bubble necklaces are also in style, but the chainmail style will be all the rage this season.

Cute but comfortable shoes

Chainmail and gold are expected to be prominent fixtures among spring shoes, but several different shoe types can be employed in your fashion arsenal. Cork wedges will be at their peak this year — seek out pairs trimmed in wood or jute. If you don’t need the height of a cork wedge, invest in sandals. As temperatures warm, sandals will be your best friend, and you can hold on to these well into the summer heat.

A large range of scarves

Temperatures can fluctuate in the spring and the seasonal breeze can deliver a chill. An assortment of scarves will serve multiple purposes for any fashionista. A bright scarf can be a great accent to any spring dress. Plus, on a cool summer night, a scarf can double as a defense against unexpected cold. Invest not only in scarves of different colors and designs, but those of different thicknesses that will provide a great option.

A wide belt

As skinny belts fall out of style, wide belts are finding a welcoming audience. Strap a wide belt around your waist to bring in any flowy dress. This trick will also create a slimmer profile. Consider the colors and buckle of the belt when accenting your outfit gold is hot this year, so choose some belt options that feature a beautiful gold buckle.

When it comes down to specific fashion choices, you need to evaluate how well the pieces go together and how the overall package fits your style. Don’t be afraid to stretch your own limits. Personal style is a great way to express and reinvent yourself, and by making mindful fashion choices, you can better embody who you truly are.

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