9 Shoe Trends That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2012

Shoes are a woman’s best friends because, unlike diamonds, they are both a necessity and a luxury. Many women shop for shoes before they shop for their clothes because wrong footwear can be a big negative point on your fashion quotient. This 2012, shoes have gone crazier and a lot of experimentation is on the cards. These are the latest shoe trends you must not miss –

1. Metallic Toes

Previously metallic toes used to be the favorite method for shoe production by manufacturers owing to their durability. 2012’s fall collection sees designers glamourizing this concept and making it one of the most sought after designs of the season.

2. Pointed Toes

Gone are the days when rounded toe shoes were the trendsetters. This year’s fall collection saw the emergence of pointed toes and became an instant favorite with models, celebrities and fashion critiques. Shoes alone will patronize pointed toes. Expect your pumps and booties to sport the rounded toe for the time being.

3. Braided Sandals

Unusual means of braiding sandals and adding unconventional bright colors to the braids have set the shoe fashion for fall 2012. These shoes look incredibly hot with the right dress and will surely become your footwear of choice this season.

-GUESS Korrinez High-Heel Sandals by GUESS

Guess Shoes Baltrow – Light Natural LL

G by Guess Minkx – Brown Multi LL

Guess Women’s Amity Platform Sandal

-GUESS Korrinez High-Heel Sandals

-G by Guess Trinnie Boot – Dark Brown LL

-Guess Shoes Alade – Black Leather

-Guess Shoes Gamira – Black Multi Suede

– Guess Shoes Rider – Brown Multi Leather

-Guess Shoes Kringa – Blue Multi Fabric

-Guess Shoes Pozina – Med Brown Leather

-GUESS Women’s Argue Wedge

Marciano Barlow – Nat Multi Lea
 4. Super Mega Platforms

The fan following for this type of shoes is limited but it doesn’t mean they are not popular. These shoes will look hot on you considering you are comfortable carrying them off, wear the right dresses with it and sport the perfect attitude. Given these, super mega platforms must be your footwear of choice during fall 2012.

5. Transparent Shoes

Shoes made of just vinyl have been doing the rounds of fashion shows for a few years now but no one took them seriously. Thanks to the number of designers who turned up with vinyl transparent shoes, these have become the trendsetters when it comes to footwear in fall 2012.

6. Shiny Shoes

Either choose silver or golden cultured shoes, or choose any other shiny colored shoe for the fall 2012 season. Rest assured you will not go wrong with this choice. Shiny clothes have made a comeback with a bang this season and the right pair of shiny shoes will only compliment them!

7. Rivets

High-heeled pumps or biker boots, whatever be the style of shoes you prefer wearing, you will not go wrong when you choose rivets during fall 2012. Depending on your choice you can buy small and seemingly invisible rivets or large and prominent ones that will attract a lot of attention.

8. Lace Shoes

Lace remains to be the favorite when it comes to adorning sandals and shoes in fall 2012. On the other hand, boots have seen a downfall when it comes to sporting laces. You can still choose one considering you can carry them off properly.

9. Pastel Colors

Pastel colors have been the emerging favorite for dresses during this season and the footwear is following suit. This fall 2012 you can never go wrong when you buy your favorite sandals or boots in pastel colors.

Getting the right pair of shoes is secret of staying fashion conscious and trendy in 2012. Don’t miss out on these trends this fall 2012.

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