6 Summer Trends to Take Into Fall

Fashion week has come and gone and the style gods have spoken! Nothing can be more annoying than realizing that majority of your summer wardrobe will have to go back in to hiding. Not this year, here are 6 summer trends that you rocked that will shine this fall:

Bold skinny jeans: Don’t pack those fun colored skinny jeans just yet! Good news, this fall the runways are swarming with bold hue colored skinnys. Instead of wearing the coral, mints and summer colors wear your deeper colors like olive green, royal blue and blood red skinny jeans.

Fringe: Fringe was found on clutches, shoes and bathing suits this summer and guess what fringe is cool enough for the fall as well. Any dark leather items with fringe can stay on your arm all this fall.

Color block: Color block isn’t leaving just yet. Your color block shoes, nail polish and skirts can stay where they are. Transition the color block look with neutrals like gray and taupe leggings.

Lace: It’s classy and sexy at the same time. Lace was a great look in dresses this summer and fall welcomes the lace look with open arms. Black lace dresses, skirts and blouses are a must in every closet. Don’t overdue the lace though, lace dress: plain black heels, lace skirt: solid blouse, lace blouse: solid pant/skirt.

Bright lips: There is something about a confident woman who knows how to wear the right shade of lipstick. Lipstick is no longer for your mother but a beautiful look that anyone can pull off. Skip the pinks and magentas from the summer and go red and sexy. Watch how many compliments you get.

Braids: We can thank Katniss from Hunger Games for this one, but braided hair is still going strong for the fall. A low side fishtail braid is eye-catching and easier to do than one thinks. Want a less summery look with your braid, try an up do with a sock bun and braid as a head band. Great fall look for any hair type!

Keep these 6 same looks but customize it to match the fall hues, go deeper and darker and never overdue it. You will be happy to spend less on your fall wardrobe this year and excited that your favorite fringe clutch and olive green skinnies are in!

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