2012 Swimwear Trends For The Large Bust Sizes

Shopping for new swimwear can be downright harrowing. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. In 2012, swimwear designers have come up with more clever styles than ever before that let you have the bust support you need and keep you looking fashion forward.

The key to finding the right swimsuit is understanding your body’s shape. If you have an hourglass shape, then your hips and bust are proportional while your waist is smaller. Emphasize that smaller waist with a suit that clings to your midsection. Ladies who have an inverted triangle shape tend to have a full bust and narrower hips. Look for a suit that has shirring on the sides of the waist to draw attention away from the bust. Some ladies may have more of a circular or rectangular shape. Waistline shirring can also be a lifesaver for these ladies as well as a suit that features blocks of color.

Fortunately, all of these styles are widely available and hugely popular in 2012. One of the biggest trends in swimwear right now is the twist front swimdress. A swimdress is such a fun and fashionable choice this year! Look for a swimdress with a halter neckline that you can adjust for the best fit for you. Also, consider a model that has a deep v-neck. This elongates your body and makes your bust appear lighter. Some of the latest versions of this fashion also include helpful tummy control. Swimdresses are available in many colors and patterns. They help to minimize the waist and hips and provide you with the kind of coverage that keeps you comfortable everywhere. They look as good in a hotel lobby as they do beside the pool, so get creative with these fashionable staples.

A tankini is the suit of choice for many ladies this year. Think of it as a bikini with a fuller coverage top. That means you get extra support, and that’s a good thing. Let’s face it – we all look and feel better when the girls are getting the right amount of lift. To minimize a tummy, consider a tankini top that has flowing, tiered ruffles. They look so graceful and elegant next to the ocean or the pool. Although some tankinis are sold as a set, you can also find these styles to mix and match. If you’re wanting to camouflage your bust, consider a solid color top and a bottom that has a pattern. Bottoms can be bikini style or a skirt, whatever feels more comfortable to you. The skirt adds a fun element of movement to the suit and can really draw the eyes of onlookers.

Sometimes a one piece swimsuit is the only thing that makes you feel truly comfortable. Fortunately, the ladies who love a one piece will find that there are plenty of options available on the market today. Look for a one piece that has plenty of delightful details like a twist at the neckline and shirring across the waist. This type of style draws the eyes toward the waist and away from the bust. Nonetheless, you’ll feel safe and secure with a built-in bra and broader shoulder straps that also have the effect of minimizing the bust. Opt for a one piece that has a higher back, as this can also help you feel comfortable and secure.

Here’s a 2012 swimsuit trend that most of us can get behind: board shorts. Board shorts are comfortable, allow freedom of movement and look cute when you’re wearing them. The best part is that you can pair your board shorts with just about anything. Purchase a tankini top or a one piece. As long as the colors coordinate, you’ve got a fashionable outfit. While you’re choosing a pair of board shorts, decide to focus on another hot trend for 2012 swimwear: tropical prints. Wear a tropical print top over solid color board shorts to look fashionably on target all summer long. Animal prints are also hot this year. Expect to see everything from reptile scales to zebra stripes. If it’s from the animal kingdom, it’s hot in 2012 swimwear.


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Stacy Dewald is an avid fashion blogger and writes for Wall Street Outsider.

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