Ideas To Perfect Your Summer Look

Jessica Simpson Plus Size Dress, Sleeveless Pleated Colorblock - Macy's

Summertime is the perfect season to really work on yourself and your look. You can get a new tan, new styles, new hair color, new everything. Here are five ideas on how you can achieve the perfect summer look.

1. Get Some Sun

Go for a natural tan look. It's tempting to run out to the salons as often as you can in the spring to get ready for your swimsuit, but too much tanning and you'll end up looking unnaturally orange. Tan in moderation. If you think you might be tanning too much and looking a little strange, ask a friend you know will be honest about it.

2. Get a P (Read more.....)

4 Tips to Dress Like a Red Carpet Celebrity

Christian Louboutin Peep Toe Bootie

Whether it be a night out for drinks in the city or a good friends wedding, every guy needs those essential pieces for a fabulous red carpet look. These four tips on how to dress like a red carpet celebrity will guarantee you the classy, A-list celebrity look that you wish for.

Fashion Tip 1:

The first tip is to make sure your hair always looks like you spent at least 15 minutes styling it. The simple wake up, get out of bed, walk out the door without attending to your bed hair does not work with the high fashion look favored by celebrities. Hair that is slicked back with som (Read more.....)

The Latest Designer Trends For 2014

Tara Lynn, Plus Size Model

Things have changed considerably in regards to fashion trends even for plus sized women in the last few years. Some years back there was a time when plus sized women really struggled to get the clothes of their choice and size. But these days a number of branded producers of fashion wear are introducing a good number of funky clothing for plus sized women in their current fashion-lines to provide them with a wider choice and bring them to the forefront of latest fashion.

People usually have a misconception that plus sized women cannot look glamorous. Plus sized women faced frustration whilst shopping for fashion (Read more.....)

Plus Size Looks For The Summer

It's finally starting to feel like summer, even if the real dog days are still months away. It’s time to switch out your closet, exchange those cashmere and wool sweaters for lightweight summer tanks and put wintry boots away in favor of summer sandals and flats. The following summer staples offer a way to incorporate timeless
elements and new trends.

Cropped camisole: A cropped cami in a light- or sheer weight fabric helps beat the heat, but the look can be a bit skimpy on its own. For casual weekend wear, pair the top with cropped jeans and a summer cardigan. Take this (Read more.....)

Five Tips For Dressing Correctly for Any Social Event

Natasha Poly x Vogue Russia May 2013

If every social event that we attend requires the exact same attire, life would be extremely boring. Whether an event is formal or normal, they each have a separate set of clothing expectations, but similar guidelines in order to determine your final choices before leaving the house. Following these five tips for dressing correctly for any social event will ensure that you don't feel out of place in your surroundings.

Dress Code

Be clear about the dress code that your social event may enforce. If it is a new restaurant, night club or a speaking engagement, contact the venue in advance to make sure that you wear appro (Read more.....)

Tara Lynn in Vanity Fair Italy

The establishment fashion industry usually gets it so very wrong when it comes to shooting plus-size models in editorials for mainstream magazines that one is pleasantly surprised, even shocked, when it gets
things so very right.

A new story in the May 2012 issue of Italian Vanity Fair constitutes the most altogether successful full-figured editorial since the "Belle Vere" spread in Vogue Italia, June 2011. How interesting that it is the Italians, the nation of Botticelli and Titian, who consistently demonstrate the finest aesthetic appreciation for plus-size beauty.

It shows the model with the most alluring variant of her hairstyle, in which a thick lock of hair tantalizingly shades one of her eyes. Her limbs appear soft and full, her buxom curves disclosed by the V cut of
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Accessorize to Transform Your Spring Outfit

Plus Size Accessories - Bright Flashy Heels

It's easy to think about fashion in the broad terms of tops and bottoms. But style is really defined by the subtleties that go into any given outfit. The details don't just matter -- they can unify an outfit and make it greater than the sum of its parts. The best way to accomplish this effect is through accessory choices.

If it sounds overdramatic, think again. Look up any guide on how to dress for spring and you'll discover a strong focus on accessorizing. That's b (Read more.....)

Brighten Your Wardrobe with Colored Denim

Michael Kors Plus In Red- Macy's

Colored pants might be startling to some, but they're only going to get more prominent. For that, you can thank colored denim. Red, green, purple, yellow and crazy multi-colored patterns may historically belong to cotton, knit and synthetic pants, but denim's adoption of the color spectrum is opening the doors for pant wear that is both brilliant in appearance and durable in use. Here's a quick guide when incorporating this new look.

Matching your pants to your top

The col (Read more.....)